Atlantic group is a group of companies specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical and related products. The group was established in 1949 when Mr. Somyos Vanaswas and Mrs. Kanda Vanaswas founded
Atlantic Trading Company, Limited to import and Distribute pharmaceutical products

In 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Vanaswas founded Atlantic Laboratories Corp.,Ltd.
In Bangkok Thailand with the assistance of Dr. Pradit Hutangkura
(Dean of Pharmacy Faculty of Mahidol University) and Dr. Chumsai Hasdin.
The pharmaceutical factory served as a pioneer in increasing the credibility of the Thai Pharmaceutical Industry.
Since its introduction, Atlantic Laboratories Corp.,Ltd. has grown to be widely accepted by both government and private clients alike due to its commitment in maintaining a high international standard of production.

Following the success of the first two companies within the group, the management saw the potential in expanding its business both domestically and internationally. Upon the beginning of operation in Hong Kong of the group's first affiliated company in 1967, Atlantic Group became the first Thai pharmaceutical manufacturer to export its products to a foreign market.

In 1980, Atlantic Group established another affiliated company in Malaysia which later became the site of another factory. Within that same year, the group began its export of products to China upon the country having opened its doors to foreign trade in 1977. In 1987, the group's international market grew when its Singaporean affiliated company was founded. In 1988, the group set up its first company in China. Currently, China hosts four Atlantic Group offices in the cities of Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou and Hainan.

In the beginning of 2002 ,Atlantic Group opened a new factory in Malaysia to replace the existing one in providing greater production capacity.
Atlantic Group's two production bases remain currently based in both Thailand and Malaysia .


Atlantic Group's achievements also include a number of awards from Thai governmental agencies. For instance, Atlantic Laboratories Corp.,Ltd., received the Export Award from the Ministry of Commerce in 1988 and the Prime Minister's Export Award from The Office of Prime Minister in1995. Such recognition made us believe even more strongly that products “made in Thailand ” can be as readily accepted as our products have successfully been for over 45 years Atlantic Group's products are now accredited and used in hospitals and clinics, as well as sold in a majority of drugstores in Thailand . Building on our proud achievements in both Thailand and in foreign countries, Atlantic Group plans to continue expanding its business both locally and abroad. This will be accomplished by meeting the needs of our customers through the maintenance of our high quality standards and continuous development as we have consistently done year after year.

At present, Atlantic Group is under the direction of its Managing Director,
Mr. Kulavuth Vanaswas, and Deputy Managing Director, Mr.Busarin Vanaswas





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